Designer Registration

Cyberbullying itself is defined as the “willful and repeated harm inflicted through the use of computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices.”

And, unfortunately those of us in Second Life are not immune.  With the rise of anonymous blogs and other forums where one can make comments under protection of anonymity, it seems that bullying has become more and more prevalent.  These comments are defaming, hurtful and have ruined reputations, businesses and forced some to leave SL entirely.

So Models Giving Back has decided to start the “Speak No Evil” initiative.  This initiative is a collaborative effort of several modeling agencies here in Second Life and will run the month of February, the month of Love.   We ask that all members of the SL Fashion community join us as we take a stand against cyberbullying.

We will have a park-like shopping area with vendors among various signs with anti-bullying sayings, and information givers to provide help to those who feel they have been bullied.

Designers – here is how you can help!
*Cost to participate:  $0L
Designer Provides 1 item that donates 100% to the cause.
This item does not have to be an exclusive – but a special color or item would be
appreciated if it can be done in time.
Designer may put out one additional item if they choose with a 25% split to our cause,
designer keeps 75%. (this one not required)

Sign Up online at:
Deadline to Sign up:  February 4 or when all spaces are taken, whichever comes first.

Timeline:  Set-up February 4 – 6
Event Runs:  February 7 – February 28
Teardown:  March 1-3
This event is sponsored by Models Giving Back in conjunction with BOSL, AIM, L’Amour Diversity, ModeLS Magazine, Models Workshop, Versus Magazine, SL Fierce Magazine and more.

For questions, please NC Jamee Sandalwood inworld or IM on Facebook.
Thank you for joining us in this important campaign.