Event closed and Totals

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s event.  We can tell from the participation and the great workshops at Model’s Workshop yesterday that this is a big topic and one that needs lots more attention.  We will be leaving a donation box up at the MGB Offices for those that wish to continue to contribute throughout the year.  We will make donations from this as enough to collect to make them.

For this 1st event – the total collected was:

Link to the Photo

and the donation has been made:



Last Day for Speak No Evil!

Today is the final day for the Speak No Evil event for this year, and the outpouring of support has been tremendous.  Aparently many many of you have been bullied in SL as well as RL and feel that this is a wonderful cause to support.  We even have been the attack of more cyberbullies today which we appreciate!  It gives us plenty of publicity!  Thank you!

Visit the event at: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tranquility/200/129/22

Also tonight is the bullying event at Model’s Workshop inworld so check that out as well!

Speak No Evil is OPEN!

Speak No Evil is now open for you to shop and show your support!  Here is the SLURL:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tranquility/200/129/22

22 Designers have two items out on their boards – one will donate 100% of the purchase price to the charity, and the other will donate a minimum of 25% to the charity (many are also 100%).  There are also lots of sayings around the garden venue about bullying, and you can also pick up information about combatting bullying/cyberbullying.


While you are there visit the Photo Campaign Area and click on the box that includes the free pose we are using for the event.  There are several pose stands and backdrops available for single, double and groups to show their support against Bullying.  All the instructions are inside the box!  We look forward to seeing your photos on our flicker page and all over social media!

Show Your Support!

The Speak No Evil Photo Campaign


We challenge you!  Post your photo like the one above on your inworld profile,  and all your social media profiles for the month of February!  The pose is being given away free at our photo campaign location, and there are even pose stands all set up for you to take your photo.

Just add your name and a short statement at the bottom and you are all set!

Need help?  We even have a few of our team photographers ready to help you out.  Just make an appointment with them.

Visit the photo campaign page above for all the details and to find out how to take part!